Polytunnel Construction

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How is a Polytunnel put up

You will receive a detailed set of instructions with your Polytunnel Kit, but the following gives a brief guide to construction.

Mark out position of the foundation tubes or ground sockets, starting with the corners, ensuring the diagonals are equal. Knock the foundation tubes into the ground, or if fitting a base rail dig out for anchor plates or concreting.

Clamps and clips are fitted to the half hoops which are then inserted into the foundation tubes. Next fit the ridge tube and brace bars.

Door frames are attached to the front and back hoops using the P clips and the bottom ends of the timber uprights are dug into the ground. Dig the trenches or fit the base rail. Anti Hotspot Tape is stuck on and then the cover is fitted. This is attached to the inside of the door frame at each end, and either buried in the trench, or fitted onto a timber base rail. It is important to get the polythene tight, so it lasts as long as possible.

Fit doors, then you’re ready to grow!

If you have not constructed a polytunnel before, you will need to allow time and have patience. Reading the instructions carefully really does help! However, if you do have problems we are happy to help.

These tools are helpful

  • Spade x 2 (one for a friend)
  • Pegs, string
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Lump hammer for knocking the foundation tubes into the ground
  • 13mm spanners or a socket set
  • Screwdrivers (flat head and pozidrive)
  • Hand saw for cutting base rails and batten to length
  • Hammer
  • Stanley knife / scissors for cutting the polythene
  • A step ladder for reaching the ridge
  • Power Drill, cordless preferably and drill bits, 3mm and 9mm