Classic or Tufftunnel

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What is a Classic Polytunnel or Tufftunnel?

The Classic Polytunnel is proven to be solid and strong , and will withstand much of the turbulent weather we now seem to be getting. However if you live in a more exposed area or are concerned that the elements are against having a Polytunnel, we offer the Tufftunnel which is made using a bigger tube size, this makes for a much stronger structure.

We do recommend the addition of Crop Bars, which, will not only give somewhere to attach strings to support growing plants, but will also add considerable strength to the tunnel frame, whether it is a Classic or Tufftunnel. The Polythene is the same thickness and strength with a 5 year manufacturers warranty for uv degredation used on both Tunnel Types.

Our quality galvanized steel tube is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is galvanized both externally and internally to give it a prolonged life of up to 30 years or more depending on conditions.