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How Long Will A Polytunnel Last?

There is no reason why our galvanised steel polytunnel frames would not last 30 years and more. The polythene cover will need replacing, although the polythene supplied has been developed with resistance against sunlight. The additives in a polytunnel cover prevent UV degradation for up to 5 years and it is not uncommon for a cover to last 8-10 years. Our new Sumaster superthermic evo has an 8 year warranty and all polythene will last longer if fitted tightly.

How easy is it to construct a Polytunnel

We supply a full set of instructions, but if you need extra help don't hesitate to contact us.

Do I Need Planning Permission For a Tunnel?

Normally you do not need planning permission for a domestic size or garden polytunnel to be sited in your garden.

  • In general you do not need planning permission for polytunnels. However you will need to apply for planning permission if the polytunnel is nearer to any road than the nearest part of the house, unless there’s at least 20m between the polytunnel and a road
  • If the polytunnel would have any part forward of the front of the house.
  • If the polytunnel would be more than 3m in height.
  • If the polytunnel is to be sited in a field, then change of use may apply
  • If the site on which you intend to construct the polytunnel has a listed building or is in a Conservation Area, a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, There are further restrictions to planning within these areas.
  • If the polytunnel would be for commercial use
  • If you want to build a large commercial polytunnel or more than one tunnel, or If you are in any doubt a call to your local planning department will determine if planning permission or change of use is required.


Do You Offer A Construction Service?

Please contact us as we are able to help in many areas of the country.

Why Choose A Ferryman Polytunnel?

Ferryman Polytunnels has been manufacturing Polytunnels in Devon, for over 35 years, We pride ourselves on good sound advice and a range of quality tunnels. The versatile range of Ferryman Polytunnels products offers a choice of over 650 kit options to help you - the grower - select the very best Polytunnel for your particular situation. Ferryman Polytunnels are renowned for their solid build, top quality and specialist design. We are able to offer the following as standard. Wide doorways wider than many of our competitors. Good for access and ventilation. We make our polytunnels with as few parts as reasonably possible, hoops are all made in 2 pieces not more which makes it easier for construction, even on our larger tunnels.  Brace bars and crop bars are also a single piece, no joins, again even for the larger tunnels, so really strong!  Our range of polythene is commercial grade and with 5 years or up to 8 years warranty for uv degredation depending on the one chosen. We won't try to sell you something you don't need. We will give advice on any aspect of buying a polytunnel so email or ring and you will speak either to Gordon or Jo. We recommend visiting if you live near enough to view our range, but please ring before to ensure we are available.

How do I clean My Polytunnel?

Cleaning the cover is important to ensure you are getting as much light through as possible. On smaller tunnels a long handled soft brush such as a car washing brush is ideal. Make sure there are no sharp bits on the brush. A good time to clean is just after it has rained (or better still don the waterproofs and do it in the rain!), gently brush all over to loosen the algae then swill off with more water, easiest done with a hose pipe. Larger tunnels can be cleaned using an old sheet tied at both ends to a rope, well soaked with water and passed over the top of the tunnel with a rope hanging each side. Gently seesaw fro side to side working down the tunnel to loosen the algae. Again it is best rinsed off. Seasons vary as to how often this may need to be done, sometimes once or maybe twice. The spring is the most important time to ensure your young plants get plenty of light. There is a product called Algon which can be used, it kills the algae but does not get it off. If you feel you need to use something to help our supplier suggests non bio washing powder in a bucket of warm water, other products can damage the additives in the polythene.

I Need More Help

Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 01363 84948 or email, We will be happy to assist with any further queries or questions you may have.