Buying a Polytunnel

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Things to consider.

The size you select will depend on your budget and the space available.
Whatever size you choose you will need to allow enough space around it to fit the cover. It will not be possible to construct it right next to a wall or fence. It is preferable not to have it under a tree as small falling branches broken off in the wind, can damage the cover. 

It can be sited on a slope but running lengthways with the slope. The polytunnel needs to be constructed with the frame vertical so the doors are upright. A polytunnel with  roll up side ventilation is best sited on a level site.

Don’t forget you may want to add some extras such as crop bars, which we recommend, as they add extra strength and give somewhere to support taller crops such as tomatoes. Sliding doors for one or both ends maybe?! 

On smaller polytunnels many people still bury the cover around the edge which is the traditional method and still works. But if your ground is hard and stony making it difficult to dig a trench, you can fit a timber base rail to fix your cover to with anchor plates on the foundation tubes to hold the tunnel in the ground. Likewise if your ground is soft or sandy, anchor plates may be needed to secure the tunnel in the ground even if you are burying the cover around the edge.

If you have never constructed a polytunnel before and are able to visit us we can show you our range and give some advice on construction. Do please ring before to ensure we are available. Our instructions are generally found to be very good according to our customers, but it does help to read them properly before starting!