How is a Polytunnel put up?

What will you need to put up a polytunnel?

The following tools may be needed. A spade, pegs string, tape measure, and spirit level for marking out, lump hammer for knocking the foundation tubes into the ground, spanners or a socket set, screwdrivers (flat head and pozidrive), hammer, Stanley knife or scissors for cutting the polythene and a step ladder for reaching the ridge on the bigger tunnels. Drill and bits 2.5 or 3mm for pilot holes will be required, a chordless drill, or an impact driver makes things easier when fitting doors, frames and timber base rails together. Oh! and a hand saw for cutting base rails and batten to length.

You will receive a detailed set of instructions with your Polytunnel Kit, but the following gives a brief guide to construction.

Firstly mark out where the foundation tubes or ground sockets are to go, and then set them in place. Next fit the hoops onto the foundation tubes then fit the clamps and clips in place. Starting at one end of the Polytunnel fit the ridge tubes and hoops together, using the sleeve joiners. Brace bars are fitted in each corner. Door frames are fitted and attached. The trenches are then dug (or the base rail fitted) and you will have something looking like the first picture below. Last but not least the cover is fitted. lt is important to get the polythene tight, for best results, fit on a warm, calm day.

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