hlp - side vent kit

Side Vent Kit:

Ventilation is most important in a Polytunnel not only in hot weather but also during most of the growing season. The addition of side ventilation gives protection from  wind which you may get when the doors are opened, (and also butterflies and other unwanted flying insects), but still allows air movement through the tunnel. Smaller Tunnels do not normally need this but longer tunnels will benefit greatly from controlled ventilation

Supplied with timber and clamps for a 'mid rail' to which the Polythene cover is attached, and ventilation net for attaching to the mid rail and trenching in to the ground. You may wish to make up your own roll up polythene to close the side, in colder weather.You will need to, either concrete in the foundation tubes, or fit Ground Anchors if fitting ventilation netting to one or both sides.

Note: Sheep are not included

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