hlp - door kits 08ft to 14ft


Roll-up door  

All our Polytunnels come supplied with a Hinged door for one end and a roll-up for ventilation at the other end. You can select to have a sliding door at one or both ends or not to receive these if you wish to make your own. ( We will still supply enough polythene to cover both doors)

All Net Tunnels come with a Hinged Door one end on Tunnels 8ft to 14ft and one Double Hinged Door on the 16ft & 18ft Tunnels


Supplied as standard for one end on all tunnels up to and including 14' (4.3m) wide.These can be replaced by either a Hinged Door or Sliding Door at one or both ends.


Single Hinged Door:

Tunnels 8ft wide 3ft Hinged Door and roll-up

Tunnels 10ft - 14ft wide 4ft Hinged Door and roll-up

A kit to make a 6' x 4' timber door using 2" x 2" tanalised timber, and includes hinges screws and a door bolt. This can be added to both ends in place of the Roll-up Door. We supply 4' wide Doors for good ventilation and access, but they can be made narrower on construction (but you will need to let us know if you are doing this as we will supply a slightly longer tunnel cover.)

Single Sliding Door

One 3' wide door for Tunnels 8' to 12'

Two 2' wide doors for 14' Tunnel

Door height 5' 10" constructed with 2" x 2" treated timber. Complete with aluminium rail, wheels, base guide, handle, and lockable catch.

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